Ice Machine Service and Cleaning

Full-Service Ice Machine Contractor

TRAC is equiped and ready to provide you with ice machine installs, service and cleanings. The use and location as well as the quality of water running through your ice machine plays a huge part in the effectiveness and longevity of your unit. That is why a regular cleaning is important. Call our office to speak with one of our friendly office staff to get more information on a plan that suits your needs. We can help identify and devlop a maintenance plan to keep your ice machine running effectively. Below is a list of some of the ice machines we service:

  • Manitowoc Ice Machines
  • Scotsman Ice Machines
  • Hoshizaki Ice Machines
  • Ice-O-Matic Ice Machines
  • Follett Ice Machines
  • Cornelius Ice Machines
  • And Many More

Ice Machine Repair and Installation

TRAC is willing and ready to provide you with exceptional customer service. Our trucks are fully stocked, so in most cases, repairs are completed with minimum down time. We carry a variety of ice machines in stock and ready for installation or we can special order one to suit your needs. Stop by our office to speak with our friendly sales department for more information.

TRAC Refrigeration proudly serves central Florida and surrounding counties. So give us a call and and experience quality customer service.


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates packaged ice in interstate commerce as a food, just like other foods. Any establishment that packages and sells ice for human consumption must comply with FDA rules and regulations. Mold, which lets bacteria and fungus grow into germs, can grow in the ice maker; contaminating the ice. The ice must be tested once every 3 months to ensure the ice is acceptable for human consumption. While a water filter on your ice machine can improve the quality of your ice and cleanliness of your ice machine, bacteria, mold and slime still grows where the ice is produced; if it is not cleaned regularly. This can lead to the consumption of contaminated ice.


Routine cleaning is an absolute must if you want to maintain a clean supply of ice for your guests as well as helping the ice machine perform according to specifications. The environment and location of the ice machine, as well as the quality of water running through it, play a major role in how well the ice machine performs and how often it is likely to need cleaning. These and other factors are taken into consideration when determining the maintenance frequency of your ice machine.

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